Certified Technician

The Opportunity:

We seek one full-time, energetic, kind, open-minded, client-focused certified technician interested in joining a highly skilled, positive and collaborative Team.  Experienced or new graduates welcome!  Mentoring not only provided, but enjoyed.  We love teaching and collaborating!

Pay: Competitive.  Opportunities for professional growth, advancement, and skills expansion available, supported, and encouraged.


  • Medical, dental, vision, supplemental and life insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Fully paid gym membership; 24/7 access to multiple locations across the SW USA
  • Retirement plan with Company match that is immediately vested
  • Paid time off, Paid dedicated CE days off, Paid Holidays
  • CE allowance
  • Scrub / uniform allowance
  • Licensing paid, Testing fees paid
  • Volunteering and Team building events throughout the year!


  • Weekday schedule to be discussed.
  • Every other Saturday morning required to ensure our entire Team rotates off.
  • Practice is closed Wednesdays, Sundays, and 12 Holidays.

Our Needs:

-  Credentialed and licensed through the State of Arizona as a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT). 

-  Confident knowledge of animal behavior and ability to restrain each pet as an individual and force free is required.

-  Ability to take instruction, follow directions, and receive feedback from the Veterinarians on our Team.

- Ability to lead, guide, and mentor the technician assistants on our Team.

-  Experience with anesthetic induction, intubation, monitoring, and recovery on a variety of species for a variety of procedures.  Confident working knowledge of all pharmaceuticals and systems involved in this process, what to watch out for (and particularly why), the ability to think clearly on your feet and respond calmly under pressure.  

-  Experience performing dental prophylaxis and obtaining high quality digital dental radiographs efficiently.  

-  Ability to maintain a surgical suite, anesthetic machinery, monitoring devices, sterilization equipment, med gas network, and recovery systems in outstanding condition.  

-  Experience checking in rooms, taking client histories, obtaining patient TPRs, performing computer and chart work efficiently, drawing up vaccines, obtaining lab samples, filling pharmacy scripts, preparing labs for send out, and more.

-  Possess working knowledge of well care, immunizations, parasite testing and preventives, dental care, anesthetic recovery, and more to confidently answer client questions.

-  Competent in venipuncture, cystocentesis, placing IV catheters, administering injections by various routes, taking quality survey radiographs, performing nail trims and anal gland expressions, running lab work on in-house machines, and more.  Technical skill training available if not currently proficient.

Must have great interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a “can do” Team spirit.

-  Knowledge of Impromed Infinity a plus but not required.

Our Philosophy on Work:

We have amazing clients.  Our passion is getting to know each one and how we may best help them.  We believe people and pets are unique.  We share our knowledge and experience with each client, and then fully support them in providing the absolute best care they choose.  We have a small staff so being thorough, accountable and responsible is mandatory.  Absolutely must be self-starting, take pride in your work and your employer, organized, detail oriented and trustworthy.  We are a positive, drama-free work place.  Being upbeat and enjoyable to work with is required.  Must have reliable transportation and be dependable, punctual.  A patient’s best interests come first.  We utilize area specialists, urgent care, and ER facilities.  We are fear-free, feline friendly, and employ low-stress handling techniques.  Our standard of client and patient care decision-making is solely guided by this - good outcomes.  You will be fully supported to practice excellent care and service here.

Our Pitch:

We know you have many opportunities as a certified technician.  The right workplace is critical to professional fulfillment and long-term well-being.  You possess a unique and highly qualified skill set that will be utilized at Cobblestone.  We have a very positive energy culture and care deeply about our staff and their well-being.  Your career is a marathon, not a sprint, and we embrace that.  We appreciate our clients and the pets they entrust to our care.  We do things a little differently and that’s not an accident.  Some would say we are quirky, but we think we’re unique.  We are the place we’d take our own pets.  Being a certified technician is pretty fun and we believe you’ll love it at Cobblestone.

About Us:

Founded in 2012 with a desire to do our very best job for a small clientele near our home. Proudly independently owned and operated, we are a rare and very special place. No equity firm ownership or corporate management. After 10 years in this community offering high-level service, attention to detail, dedication to getting answers, and providing results – a specific clientele seeks us out. We enjoy seeing them, getting to know them, and helping them with their pet care needs. We are good communicators, honest, compassionate, and transparent. This trust and these relationships allow outstanding patient care and high professional satisfaction. We continue to grow by collecting and retaining like-minded rebels.

Thank you for reading this posting.  Email [email protected] for more information or to apply.  Please share this posting with anyone you think would like it at Cobblestone!

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