Our Best Care Policies:

Scheduling:  Visits are by appointment only.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time.  This respects your time, our time, and the client's time after you.  

Late arrival policy:  We will remind all late arriving clients once.  Upon a second late arrival, we will reschedule another day.  Habitually late clients will no longer be scheduled.  

No-show / Cancellation policy:  We will remind all no-show clients once.  Upon a second no-show, we will collect a non-refundable visit fee prior to scheduling any future appointments.  Habitual no-show clients will no longer be scheduled.  Please call the day before to cancel your appointment.  

Saturdays:  We see wellness visits only on Saturdays.  No sick visits are scheduled.

Walk-in visits:  We do not see walk-in patients.      

Urgent care:  We may be able to see you same-day for urgent, non-emergency care.  However, we may advise you to seek an urgent care provider.  We want what is best for your pet.  

Emergency care:  A “good patient outcome” drives every decision we make.  In a true emergency, your pet requires care beyond the means of our facility and we will refer you.  This is not because we don't want to help.  It is because your pet needs that level of care for a good outcome.   

Diets:  Rx diets arrive on Tuesday.  Orders before 10 a.m. Monday usually means your item arrives Tuesday, but an order placed Tuesday will arrive the next Tuesday.  Please plan ahead.

Medications: We stock most commonly used medication.  What we don't stock can be ordered.  Upon request, a written prescription will be provided for you to fill anywhere you wish.  We will not fax prescriptions.  If we need to order your medication, this can take up to one week.  Please plan ahead.  

Refills:  The law requires one exam per 365 days to fill medication.  This is not flexible.  Chronic medications require periodic lab work monitoring.  Please plan ahead and pay close attention to our patient care reminders.  Do not opt out of our reminders.  We do not sell or release client information.  Our clinic communications will remind you when an exam or labs are due.  If you procrastinate, no appointments may be available.  Refills require 24 hours to fill.  Do not anticipate refills will be available the same day.  Please plan ahead.  

Interpersonal communication:  We’re on your Team.  We will communicate and behave professionally.  We will explain our recommendations and field all questions.  We excel at brainstorming options and accommodating circumstances.  We will never raise our voice, act passively aggressive, or make you feel poorly for any question you ask or decision you make.  We require the same from our clients.  Raised voices, rude or abusive language or behaviors are not accepted in this practice.  You will be warned once.  Habitually offensive clients will no longer be scheduled. 

Thank you SO much for helping us keep Cobblestone Vet a great place to receive care!


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