Our house rules.

Scheduling:  Our visits are by appointment only.  This allows us to provide our best care.  

Urgent care:  Your pet may occasionally require urgent care.  We understand.  Often, we're able to see you same day.  You may be offered a drop off visit if we're already fully scheduled.  

Walk-in visits:   We discourage walk-in visits; please call ahead of time whenever possible.  If you do walk-in, we ask for your patience as we work you in around our scheduled visits.    

Emergency care:  A good patient outcome drives every decision we make.  Period.  If your pet is in a true emergency, or if we determine your pet requires care beyond the means of our facility or staff, we will refer you to an ER clinic.  This is not because we don't want to help.  This is because your pet needs that care for the best shot at a good outcome.    

Diets and treats:  Prescription diets arrive every Tuesday.  An order placed by 10 am Monday usually means your item arrives next day.  However, an order placed Tuesday arrives the following Tuesday.  For prescription diets, please plan to call us one week in advance.  

NEW Online Pet Food Shopping and Delivery! With our new Hill's to Home and Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct platforms you can order vet-prescribed diets, treats, and even non-prescription, over the counter, well diets like Hill's Science Diet and Purina Pro Plan online 24/7 with no minimum order and free shipping to your house.  All prices are MAP (minimum advertised price, just like Chewy.com and others) and you're able to set up auto ship for an additional discount (just like Chewy.com and others).  All refunds, exchanges, and customer service are handled through the Hill's to Home or Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct websites.  If you feed these diets, enjoy 24/7 ordering, and want home delivery, please consider using these platforms to support Cobblestone Veterinary Care!   

Medications:  We stock most commonly dispensed medications.  Those we don't stock can be ordered, compounded, or even home delivered depending on the item.  If we have your item in stock, it can be filled same day.  If we need to order your  medication, it can take up to once week.  For refills, please plan to call us one week in advance.     

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