Our house rules.

Scheduling:  We are predominantly by appointment only.  Scheduling our patient visits allows us to best prepare for your visit, ensure proper staffing, and adequate supplies.  Simply put, scheduling your appointment helps us to deliver the level of service we strive to provide.  Occasionally your schedule or pet's condition requires urgent care.  Often, we are able to schedule your appointment the same day.  Even if we are fully booked, drop off appointments can usually be scheduled.  

Walk-in appointments:  Can you just walk-in?  Yes, at a slightly higher fee, we do accept walk-in appointments.  We just ask for your patience as we work you in around our scheduled appointments.  You often won't wait long, but you may wait a little.    

Foods, treats and prescription diets:  Our foods, treats, and prescription diets arrive once weekly on Tuesday.  An order placed by noon on Monday generally means we will receive your item the next day.  But an order placed on Tuesday will arrive the following Tuesday - so please call us one week in advance to ensure your loved one doesn't go hungry :)

Prescriptions:  We stock many commonly dispensed medicines on site.  Those we don't stock can be ordered, compounded or even home delivered depending on the item.  If we have your item in stock, a phone call by noon will allow you to pickup the item after 4pm that same day.  If we need to order your  item, it could take one day to one week - so please call us one week in advance to ensure no lapse in your pet's care.   

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